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Connectivity Solutions, from Connectivity Users

Having grown out of a technology company, to stand alone in the telecoms market, we understand how important reliable connectivity is. If there’s and issue, then a solution is needed fast. With a variety of best in class products, and technologies, tailored to cover the most difficult of situations, we can ensure you are connected to this ever changing global network, and supported when you need it most.

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last.

It has long been the approach of telecoms providers, that, as a customer, you buy a phone system, use it for the term of the contract, and then throw it away and get another! with a new contract. This manner is expensive to your pocket, and the planet. We do it differently…

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Putting the right system in, will last you a lifetime – we upgrade and expand, add features and only replace when necessary. No additional charges, maintenance packages, no additional rentals.

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Reliable connectivity, supplied by humans! The right options for your business, shorter contracts, better support, direct contacts.

Telecom Services

Why choose us?

We provide solutions, not sell products. If you have another offering, we will happily break it down to show you the true costs, and the alternatives. If we cant better it, you will know you already have the best option.

  • Rent or purchase, dramatically reduce costs.
  • Extend the life cycle – Reduce environmental Impact.
  • Short contract terms – If we need to move you to a better package, then we can.