SIP Trunks

The future of Phone Lines – Fixed Cost with Service Included

The New Approach, the new normal.

Set “Fixed Price Telephony”, Budget and control costs. Instantly flexible, and expandable to suit the business requirement and budget.

SIP Trunks are the new phone lines, Secure communications across the internet, increased reliability and reduced costs. We offer different tariffs and contracts from various carriers, so we can match the costs, requirements and offer specialist solutions to a particular problem or call flow issue. Cheaper than old style line rental, better call quality and faster connections.

Reliability Built In

As an IP product, we have the option to build in resilience and fault tolerance. We can route calls over separate carriers, to offer particular rates and reduce costs for international calling, but also protect against a carrier problem by allowing multiple routes for a call. Backup and restore options, and failover and redundancy can all be built in to completely protect the business. Our sister company, Cirrus ADR specifically offer Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services. Our telecoms services continue this school of thought – for a business to survive a catastrophe, first thing it to restore communications with customers. This needs considering in advance.

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Experts in

Hosted Telephony

  • Manage your entire communications infrastructure, no matter the size and number of locations along with reducing your costs
  • Rent or purchase, dramatically reduce costs.
  • Extend the life cycle – Reduce environmental Impact.
  • Short contract terms – If we need to move you to a better package, then we can.
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  • Manage your entire communications infrastructure, no matter the size and number of locations along with reducing your costs
  • Begin the Migration to “All IP” – WLR is soon to go.
  • Consider digital upgrades of equipment and services.
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Sip Trunks

  • Finally time to get shut of line rental.
  • Reduce rates, costs of calls, and remove expensive maintenance charges.
  • All inclusive rates available.
  • Contract free available.
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Number Management

  • International and Out of Area numbers.
  • International call routing.
  • Porting and Migration services.
  • Range Splitting and single number porting.
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  • All major carriers available.
  • SIM free, low cost business contracts.
  • Easy Migration.
  • Specialist “Cell Tower Technology” for roaming payment terminals.
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  • Digital Switchover Professionals.
  • Specialist and bespoke solutions for difficult situations.
  • Personal and Professional Service.
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Multi Site – IP Telephony

Simple Requirement – can we provide a cost effective telephone system across 12 international sites, and 300 users? – no problem at all.

Hosted Telephony

There are many different options if you would like a hosted, or cloud based telephone system. If you choose the right one, you will have a reduction in costs, and…